Vision, Targets, And Goals

Inspire and Achieve a Winning Life

We need a Vision, Targets, and Goals to win at life. We can only achieve what we can see. And if we haven’t seen it, we won’t achieve it.

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Vision 👁️ Inspiring Life Change

A vision for your life consists of two elements.

Vision Statement: Your Ideal Life Now

Creating a Vision Statement for each Life Domain creates the ideal to live up to right now.

Ten-Year Vision: Your Ideal Life Later

A Ten-Year Vision inspires us to live up to our potential. People often underestimate how much can be achieved in ten years.

Targets 🎯 Significant Life Change

Targets a one to three years out. They are the significant milestones you want to achieve on your way to your Vision.

Use the SMARTER framework to create Targets.

Goals ✅ Achievable Life Change

Goals are one to twelve weeks out. Too many people make “annual goals” and never achieve them because they the timeframe is too long. Make achieveable goals that you can accomplish toward your Targets.

Use the SMARTER framework to create Goals.

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