Life Domains

Winning in All Areas of Life

To win in all of life we need to quantify each of the Life Domains

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The Life Domains are:

  • Spiritual
  • Relational
  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Vocational
  • Financial
  • Recreational

Life Domain 1: 🙏🏻 Spiritual

Your relationship with God. Are you enjoying him as the all-sufficient satisfier of your deepest desires? Are you worshiping him as LORD over the universe and savior of your soul? Are you coming to him as Father with your needs and requests? What do you want your Spiritual Life to look like?

Life Domain 2: ❤️ Relational

Your relationships with your spouse, children, and friends. Are you loving your spouse well according to their love languages? Are you cultivating love and passion in your marriage? Are you loving and spending time with your children? Are you investing in friendships where you’re there for them and vice versa? What do you want your Relationships to look like?

Life Domain 3: 🧠 Mental

Your mindset, knowledge, wisdom, and mental toughness. Are you cultivating a growth mindset? Are you adding to your useful knowledge? Are you gaining insight and wisdom? Are you strengthening your resolve? What do you want your mind to think about? 

Life Domain 4: 🏋️ Physical

Your nutrition, strength, endurance, flexibility, and breath. What fuel are you feeding your body? Is your physical strength, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility where it should be? Do you have weight to lose? Do you have the energy to win the day? What do you want your physical body to feel like? 

Life Domain 5: 💼 Vocational

Your career and business. Are you putting in focused work? Are you working toward an ultimate end? Are you doing good work, or is it ethically questionable? Are you fulfilled by your work, or is it a drudgery? What do you want your career and vocation to look like?

Life Domain 6: 💵 Financial

Are you spending less than you make? Are you overwhelmed by debt? Are you saving how much you need to be? Are you investing properly for the future? Are you protected against threats? Are your assets going to the right place when you die? What do you want your finances to look like?

Life Domain 7: ⛳️ Recreational

Are you intentional with the fun you have, or do you default to the easy and mindless entertainment? If you spend too much time on recreation, it’s likely that your view of it is too low, not too high. Are you actively working toward bucket-list items? What do you want your fun to look like?

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