The Only Way to Achieve Goals.

You need SMARTER Goals if you want to win. No more half-baked wishes. And if you think you have SMART goals already, pay attention to ER.

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📌 SPECIFIC – Clearly Defined Objective

Bad Goal: Be Financially Responsible

Improved: Save Money

📏 MEASURABLE – Clearly Articulated Completion

Bad Goal: Save Money

Improved: Save $10,000

🎗 ACHIEVABLE – Attainable with Your Forseeable Life

Bad Goal: Save $80,000

Improved: Save $10,000

♠️ RELEVANT – Related to Your Vision

Bad Goal: Eat Healthier (Not a Goal. Wrong Domain.)

Improved: Save $10,000

⏳ TIME-BOUND – Deadline to Complete

Bad Goal: Save $10,000

Improved: Save $10,000 by March 30th.

💥 EMPOWERING – Inspired by True Desires

Bad Goal: Save $10,000 by March 30th (because I probably should).

Improved: Save $10,000 by March 30th (to worry less about money and live more with my family).

👀 REVIEWED – Written and Regularly Reviewed.

Bad Goal: Save $10,000 by March 30th. (Thought and forgot.)

Improved: Save $10,000 by March 30th. (Written in the Victorious Planner and reviewed weekly.)

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