Principles & Practices for Winning Your Life

Victorious Cycle Podcast

Discover the Principles & Practices for Winning Your Life

Applied knowledge is power. Learn what you need to know and do to create and sustain victory in your life, including:

  • What is a Victorious Cycle?
  • Creating a Vision and Goals that actually work.
  • Implementing Systems to Support your Success.
  • The Mindset required for Mastery.
  • Key Habits of Victory.
  • The Ninety-Won Challenge: Win Your Life in Ninety-One Days.

A Framework for Focus | A System for Success

Create and Sustain a Victorious Cycle with the Victorious Planner. The Victorious Planner is a Quarterly Planning System that will help you:

  • Write and Review your SMARTER Vision, Targets, and Goals for each Life Domain.
  • Identify your Key Three Quarterly Goals.
  • Stay Motivated by keeping score with a Scoreboard.
  • Plan and Review your Weeks and Days.
  • Achieve your Goals by setting and completing your Weekly and Daily Key Three Tasks.
  • Track your Success Habits to drive Victory.
  • Review your quarter and celebrate your wins.
Victorious Planner Hardcover

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