A Victorious Cycle

Win Your Life with a Victorious Cycle

To succeed in all of life you need to create and sustain a Victorious Cycle. Let’s explore two ways to lose and one way to win.

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A Vicious Cycle: Losing at Life

We all know and have experienced the formative Vicious Cycle. Bad luck and failure in one aspect of life tend to compound into more losses.

Psuedo-Success: Winning One Game at the Expense of All the Others

We also know what it looks like to win in one area of life and the expense of all others. We have seen, or perhaps experienced, career or financial success while sacrificing the spiritual life, relationships, and health.

A Victorious Cycle: Success in ALL of Life

We can win in all of life. We can be successful in all of life. Done right, success in one area produces and promotes success in all of the others. Rather than sprial downward in a vicious cyle, we can spire upward in a Victorious Cycle. Victory compounds.

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